Thursday, April 29

April 29, 2010

Math: complete journal pages 327 and 332; Activity sheet 6


(1) Affix test

(2) Charlotte Doyle 400 words minimum (45 minutes will be allotted for the final 100 to reach 500 by Friday’s end of the day)

(3) 5 sentence (minimum) paragraph :
How does the theme(s) in Yep’s “The Helpful Badger” relate to the idea of how cycles operate. Begin by “R the Q”. Include specific evidence from the story (quotes or paraphrased) to support your idea (thesis). Those wishing to achieve an A must include a specific generalization about cycles (consult your Cycles Chart).


Tuesday, April 27

April 27, 2010

STAR Test begins Monday, May 3rd: Parents please ask your child for the schedule sent home today

OUTDOOR ED PHOTOS may be viewed at: password: ollie

Math : STAR booklet items #31-45 ; Journal pgs 324/5 and 330

HOMEROOM: Charlotte Doyle fiction piece: 200 words due tomorrow

WW 16: C/D (Test Thursday)

Sit/set lie/lay rise/raise sheet due tomorrow (pink)

Affix test on Friday

Monday, April 26

April 26, 2010

WW 16: A and B ; be sure to have an adult sign your booklet signifying that he or she has check for the correct usage of the words in the booklet

Study for prefix and suffix quiz

1st 100 words of the “Charlotte Doyle’s Future”

Wednesday, April 13

April 14, 2010

Math: STAR booklet pgs 10/11, Journal p. 304

HOMEROOM: No homework as Science Projects are due tomorrow. (math must still be completed).

Please deliver Science projects to the multi before coming to class tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 13

April 13, 2010

Math: the STAR test has a sample packet provided for practice (each child was given one today).

(Under Construction….Additionally on the Black Bar below the green heading, you should be able to locate a “button” entitled “Math Blue Print” which delineates the number of questions for each type of skill. Those highlighted in yellow are the key focus areas of the test and total 66% of the test. For those of you who wish to have your child practice at home, use the blue print to guide your practice sessions.

Math tonight: Star packet pages 8 and 9; Journal pages 292, 294, 296/7.

HOMEROOM ; Light Nights tonight and tomorrow (to allow additional time for those still working to complete the science projects for Thursday’s deadline.

WW16 :total of 12 booklet pages AND a notecard signed by an adult indicating that they have reviewed the usage of each word and suggested a means of correcting any errors.
Please create your own notecard.

Monday, April 12

April 12, 2010

OUTDOOR ED begins next week!! I can’t wait…
Arrive next Monday completely packed and go directly to the multi. Bring a “totally waste free” lunch. ALL MEDICATIONS must be handed directly to Ms K in a zip lock bag with your child’s name on the outside of the bag. Dosages must be written on a separate sheet of paper and placed inside the bag along with the medication.

MATH: journal pages 264/65 and 275.
Be sure to return your signed Chapter 8 test (for those who scored a 72% or below. Students may retake the test but must come to Wednesday’s lunch tutoring session first.

HOMEROOM: “Light night” in order to give students tim to work on their Science project.

WW 16 – first 8 pages must be completed by tomorrow

Thursday April 8, 2010

April 9, 2010

Math : use Chapter 8 study guide to prepare for tomorrow’s test. Tutoring is available at lunch.

HOMEROOM:GRANDPARENTS and Special Friends will meet at 9:00 in the multi. At 9:20 they will be escorted to our room for a 40 minute shared activity with the class. No preparation needed on their part and the activity ( a knowledge bowl) is strictly voluntary!

No Personal Goals for the class (except those 6 students tasked with either spelling, grammar or cursive and math).

Verbs test tomorrow (know your 23 helping verbs) AND Indirect Objects test (study by completing p.197)

Science Fair projects due next week.

Prefix: 16 notecards (5 minute activity)

Wednesday April 7, 2010

April 7, 2010

Math: Journal pages 254, 260-261

Create a personal goals chart….have parent sign the # of minutes spent working on this goal

No WW tonight

Complete the odds for direct object sheets; complete all the first indirect objects sheets (Be sure to circle the prep, etc)

AR 20 minutes

Tuesday April 6

April 6, 2010

Math packet handed out today : all even on the first three pages

WW 15 C/D and study for TEST tomorrow
Grammar Direct objects handout (evens only, pg187,189,191
Personal Goals: 20 minutes (EVERYONE has goals to work on)
20 min AR