Monday, May 17

May 17, 2010

Math: journal pages 339,340-342


Please note that the initial plans for a end of year party at my home have now switched to a “reunion” in September. The 19th (a Sunday) is a feasible date. Please email me if this is “workable” . It would be an afternoon barbeque at my home in the confines of Castle Rock State park.

Constitution quiz #2;
Make a 4 square format planning document for the ERB tomorrow;
Work on “section two” of the novel cycle (Due Thursday);
States and capital (everything but the West).


Thursday, May 13

May 13, 2010

Math: Hurray! STAR is over and all the students in this math class felt fully prepared.

Tomorrow Chapter 9 test will be given (a pretest was given today as a review). HW Review the pretest for tomorrow, complete evens only on Study Links pages 205, 207, 209 215

Map and capital test tomorrow for the Divisions 1 and 2
Short answer quiz : History 6 to 8 sentences for 1st question:

What was the document called that created our first form of government? Describe its limitations and discuss Shay’s Rebellion’s connection.

(review project requirements with a parent and obtain a signature)

Cycles Novel: begin reading Section Two

Tuesday, May 11

May 11, 2010

MATH: Continue to review the 5th grade STAR questions referred to in last night’s blog.

Develop one 50 -80 word descriptive piece on the topic of your choice or “A Park”. Be sure to write down an initial “simile” to get your ideas flowing.

4 completed entries of the Cycles Novel must be completed prior to entering the room tomorrow. All six are due Thursday morning (8 for the “A”)

Continue to study for Friday’s States and Capitals quiz.

Monday, May 10

May 10, 2010

T-SHirt Orders due May 12th

Please study by reviewing the questions from the State on line. Goggle: cde 5th math STAR released questions

HOMEROOM: Sorry about the gaps in last weeks Blog. A minor virus plagued me and by the end of the day a few items slipped my mind.

long term items :
States and capitals tests (including correct spelling) will be cumulative and given on the remaining Fridays. Last Friday concentrated only on the states of the Atlantic Coast; 5/14 will test the Division Two items; 5/21 will test the 1st, 2nd and 3rd division; 5/28 will test the 4th division (all 50).

Novel unit on “Cycles”:
Each student is reading a novel in class and is participating
in a Literature Circle to clarify and discuss the novel. ALL students are required to meet written activities. The schedule times of completion are based on “sections” of the novel. Section one activities are due this Thursday, May 13th, the second section on May 20, the third section on May 27. A fourth section will be due June 3rd (cycle matrix, plot analysis). Students have 45 minutes per day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday to work on these activities. The remainder will need to be completed as HOMEWORK.

Weekly items:
2 response journals entries(see rubric attached to your child’s blue packet)*
2 vocabulary sheets*
2 Literature Webs

* 3 items per section in order to qualify for an A)

complete 2 showing pieces (each minimum of 25 words)
complete at least 2 items from Cycles
(optional) study for Friday’s history test


Tuesday, May 4

May 5, 2010

Math : prepare fpr tomorrow’s test (as outlined on the blue sheet)
complete 4 sides of 2 papers handed out today

COMPLETE Science Prep packet from Mrs Brewbaker
Study for Friday’s States and Capitals test (Atlantic States)

Monday, May 3

May 3, 2010

Math: Study Links p 171,181, 183
Get “blue sheet” outlining this week’s review test signed by parent

Finish Charlotte Doyle’s conclusion

Study for Affix Test

Read for AR points

East Coast States test w/ capitals on Friday

Thursday, April 29

April 29, 2010

Math: complete journal pages 327 and 332; Activity sheet 6


(1) Affix test

(2) Charlotte Doyle 400 words minimum (45 minutes will be allotted for the final 100 to reach 500 by Friday’s end of the day)

(3) 5 sentence (minimum) paragraph :
How does the theme(s) in Yep’s “The Helpful Badger” relate to the idea of how cycles operate. Begin by “R the Q”. Include specific evidence from the story (quotes or paraphrased) to support your idea (thesis). Those wishing to achieve an A must include a specific generalization about cycles (consult your Cycles Chart).

Tuesday, April 27

April 27, 2010

STAR Test begins Monday, May 3rd: Parents please ask your child for the schedule sent home today

OUTDOOR ED PHOTOS may be viewed at: password: ollie

Math : STAR booklet items #31-45 ; Journal pgs 324/5 and 330

HOMEROOM: Charlotte Doyle fiction piece: 200 words due tomorrow

WW 16: C/D (Test Thursday)

Sit/set lie/lay rise/raise sheet due tomorrow (pink)

Affix test on Friday

Monday, April 26

April 26, 2010

WW 16: A and B ; be sure to have an adult sign your booklet signifying that he or she has check for the correct usage of the words in the booklet

Study for prefix and suffix quiz

1st 100 words of the “Charlotte Doyle’s Future”

Wednesday, April 13

April 14, 2010

Math: STAR booklet pgs 10/11, Journal p. 304

HOMEROOM: No homework as Science Projects are due tomorrow. (math must still be completed).

Please deliver Science projects to the multi before coming to class tomorrow.