Sign of the Beaver Project Goals:
Demonstrate the level of your understanding of the three literary elements of plot, theme and characterization.
There are 5 components of this project:

1.    A written book review. (See template handout)

2.    An illustrated plot line showing cause and effects relationships if appropriate.
a.    Include all 6 elements of plot written in “ovals” and clearly labeled. (e.g.: rising action, climax, etc)
b.    Each entry must define the element in one or two sentences.
c.    Identify the specific event in the novel that corresponds to this element.
d.     Further, make a “comment” about the event.

3.    Theme: identify two themes in this novel.  Consult the essay model on the blog.  Using either style 1 or 2, discuss the theme (as the topic sentence-TS), give 3 facts (concrete details-CD) to provide evidence that this theme exists. Deeper responses will include your “commentary” (CD).
(Basically this theme section will include 2 paragraphs, each about a separate theme.)

4.    Characterization section:  Again a two-paragraph entry discussing the changes in the two main characters.
Use the same format as the theme section (essay models).

5.        Last item:  A ‘book jacket” to hold all the items above.  Colorful and informative.  Refer to actual book jackets of your favorite books as models. This will be modeled in class.

ASSESSMENT: Depth, accuracy, written expression (all 6 traits including spelling and grammar), neatness and thoroughness will be considerations in determining the overall grade.

Parents: all of these concepts have been taught.  Please refer to the blog for further information.

DUE DATE:    November 10th (3 weeks).  Time in class will be given to complete the majority of this task.

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