The 5 paragraph essays may be composed in any of of three formats.  All 3 three include an introduction (which states the overall focus of the paper and names the three topics that will be more fully discussed in the Body paragraphs.

Style One Body paragraphs include:                           5 sentence minimum Topic Sentence (TS)                                                                            TS

3 facts (CD) that support the TS                                                  3 CDs

(or are examples of the TS)
Conclusion sentence     (CN)                                                               CN

Style Two Body paragraphs include                             8 sentences
Topic Sentence (TS)                                                                             TS
3 key ideas that support the TS AND examples                      #1 CD and   EX

#2 CD and EX

#3 CD and EX

Conclusion sentence                                                                             CN

Style Three Body paragraph includes                          11 sentences
Topic Sentence (TS)                                                                               TS
3 key ideas that support the TS                                           #1 CD with EX and CM
* each idea  (CD) has an example and is followed         #2  CD with EX  and CM

(3 sentences total)                                                                 #3 CD with EX and CM
The CM is a comment that further explains the
importance of this idea  (CM)                                                               CN
Conclusion sentence

HANDWRITING: 5 key elements are considered in assessing handwriting:

(1) consistency of slant of letters,  (2) are letters consistently written on the line and do not range above or below the line,  (3) is the spacing between letters consistent, (4) is the spacing between words consistent and (5) are the letters of uniform size and appropriate height.


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